Sjurdur Frodi Olsen

Sjurdur Frodi Olsen


Sjurdur Frodi Olsen, Professor, Epidemiologisk Forskning / Maternel ernæring
T. +45 32683955 @.

Research Areas

My group is focusing on impact on health of dietary intake in pregnancy and during the adolescent years. A central research resource is the Danish National Birth Cohort, where we are following a cohort of 90,000 born during 1996-2003. My group has, together with associated groups, published >100 peer reviewed articles relating pregnancy diet to various health outcomes. A special line has been to study whether marine n-3 fatty acids can prevent preterm birth. I and colleagues, in a paper in the Lancet, initially suggested this hypothesis, which was recently corroborated by an extensive Cochrane review of randomized trials.


1984 MD, University of Copenhagen 
1987  MSc in Epidemiology, London School Hygiene & Trop. Medicine 
1993   DMSci (, Aarhus University 
1994   PhD, Aarhus University 
1997   Authorized specialist course in Public Health 
2007   Course in Research Management, CBC 

Employment after doctorate
1993  Post Doc, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK 
1994  Senior Scientist, since 1997 leader of Maternal Nutrition Group, SSI 
2005-2007         Full (Ordinary) Professor of Epidemiology, University of Aarhus 
2006-  Adjunct Professor in Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA 
2007  Senior Scientist, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
2009-  Chief Physician, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI
2010-2019 Centre Leader, Centre for Fetal Programming, SSI
2019-  Professor of epidemiology with particular focus on foetal programming, at University of Copenhagen

Professional Activities and Leadership 
1999  Member, Scientific and Management Group of the Danish National Birth Cohort  
2001–2004 Member, Danish National Nutrition Council 
2005-2013 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee of Nutricia Research Foundation 
2007–2011 Leader, Theme 2 (on longitudinal epidemiology) of the FP6 Integrated Project, EARNEST 
2015-  Member, Steering Committee of the International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C) 
2015-   Member, International Life Science Institute (ILSI) Expert Group on “Nutritional Management of Gestational Diabetes: the scientific evidence to date” 

Prizes and Honours
1995  Simon Spies Medical Research Prize 
2004  Professor Johannes Ipsen Lecture  

Selected Publications
Olsen SF, Halldorsson TI, Li M, Strøm M, Mao Y, Che Y, Wang Y, Duan F, Olsen J, Zhou W. Examining the effect of fish oil supplementation in Chinese pregnant women on gestation duration and risk of preterm delivery. J Nutr 2019;149(11):1942-1951
Antvorskov JC, Halldorsson TI, Josefsen K, Svensson J, Granström C, Roep BO, Olesen TH, Hrolfsdottir L, Buschard K, Olsen SF. Association between maternal gluten intake and type 1 diabetes in offspring: national prospective cohort study in Denmark. BMJ 2018;362:k3547 (Published 19 September 2018) 
Hansen S, Strøm M, Maslova E, Dahl R, Hoffmann HJ, Rytter D, Bech BH, Henriksen TB, Granström C, Halldorsson TI, Chavarro JE, Linneberg A, Olsen SF. Fish oil supplementation during pregnancy and allergic respiratory disease in the adult offspring. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2016 Apr 25. pii: S0091-6749(16)30155-5. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2016.02.042. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 27246522. 
Olsen SF, Houshmand-Oeregaard A, Granström C, Langhoff-Roos J, Damm P, Bech BH, Vaag AA, Zhang C. Diagnosing gestational diabetes mellitus in the Danish National Birth Cohort. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 2017;96:563-569. 
Olsen SF, Birgisdottir BE, Halldorsson TI, Brantsaeter AL, Haugen M, Torjusen H, Petersen SB, Strøm M, Meltzer HM. Possibilities and considerations when merging dietary data from the world's two largest pregnancy cohorts: the Danish National Birth Cohort and the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 2014;93:1131-1140.