EU tenders

Purchase of goods and services above the threshold values must be put out to EU tender. SSI’s tenders will be announced on Tenders Electronic Daily in an ongoing manner.

All tender deals are handled electronically by the tender system EU-Supply, which means that all communication in relation to tenders – for instance reception of applications, offers, and reception of questions and responses to these – must be handled electronically.

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) purchases a wide assortment of goods within plasma-based medicaments and diagnostic products, as well as goods for diagnostic studies, scientific work, maintenance of buildings, lab equipment, and consumer goods. SSI is furthermore purchasing many different types of services.

Current tenders

After the publication of the prior information notice and the market consultation material, we have received questions from interested parties.

In this light, we would like to clarify that, as stated in the material, participants in the market consultation are invited to consider the questions posed but are also welcome to send input related to themes that are not mentioned in this material.

Further, we would like to clarify that a written submission would be appreciated as a basis for structuring the meeting but that according to the market consultation material, the only required written input for requesting a meeting is a draft agenda.

SSI's procurement of covid-vaccines (pdf)