Statens Serum Institut (SSI) consists of a management board, four health priority areas and staff units – all with their own departments.

SSI - Organisation chart

See the organisation chart as a pdf.

Management board

Henrik Ullum (CEO)
Ole Jensen (Executive Vice President)
Helle Birk Krogsgaard (Chief Financial Officer)
Anne-Marie Vangsted (TestCenter Danmark)
Tyra Grove Krause (Epidemiological Infectious Disease Preparedness) 
Søren Alexandersen (Diagnostic Infectious Disease Preparedness) 


Corporate Affairs
Center for Biosecurity & Biopreparedness 

Business Support & Campus (Helle Birk Krogsgaard, Chief Financial Officer)

Business Development
QA & Compliance

Epidemiological Infectious Disease Preparedness (Tyra Grove Krause)

Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention
Epidemiology research

Diagnostic Infectious Disease Preparedness (Søren Alexandersen)

Virus & Microbiological Special Diagnostics
Bacteria, Parasites & Fungi
International Reference Laboratory of Mycobacteriology
Prediagnostics & Service

Biobank, Biomarkers & TestCenter Denmark
(Anne-Marie Vangsted)

Danish National Biobank
Congenital Disorders
TestCenter Denmark-Øst
TestCenter Denmark-Vest

Center for Vaccine Research

Vaccine Development
Infectious Disease Immunology