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What is a cookie?

Most websites use cookies. In some cases, the use of cookies is the only way to ensure that a website functions correctly. A cookie is a file that is placed on your computer or other device used to access our website. This file allows us to recognize your computer and collect information about the sites and functions you access via your browser. However, cookies cannot see who you are, your name, where you live, or whether your computer is used only by you or by multiple persons. Cookies do not spread computer viruses or other malware (harmful programs).
SSI only uses cookies to collect data for statistical purposes in order to improve the user’s experience with our website.

Read more about cookies and the legal basis for their use:

How do I remove cookies from my device?

You can remove unwanted cookies by going into your browser’s internet settings. On the Danish Business Authority’s website, you will find links to instructions for deleting cookies in various web browsers.

Go to the Danish Business Authority’s website (in Danish).

Embedded content on the website

If the user clicks on links to embedded YouTube video content, Google may use cookies or similar technology to collect, store, and process information, including personal information, about the user accessing this content. In such instances, Google’s privacy policies apply.