Department of Epidemiology Research


The Department of Epidemiology Research at Statens Serum Institut has a proud tradition of conducting high-quality research published in top-tier international journals. The department’s epidemiologic research milieu is among the strongest in Europe and we have a global reputation for research excellence.

Research in the department focuses on disease etiology and risk factors for disease. Traditionally, our areas of focus have included autoimmune disease, allergic disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, the familial aggregation of disease, infectious disease, pregnancy complications, and vaccine safety. More recently, our focus has expanded to also include genetic epidemiology, ‘big data’ methods, and analyses of data generated using ‘omics’ technologies. Researchers in the department use data from Danish national registers, purpose-built databases, and clinical studies and population-based cohorts affiliated with the department. We also conduct studies using biological material from the Danish National Biobank and other collections of biospecimens.

At any given time, the Department of Epidemiology Research has approximately 40 full-time employees, including epidemiologists, statisticians, physicians, biologists, bioinformaticians, and Ph.D. students. We also play host to an ever-changing array of Master’s students, medical students, and local and international collaborative partners.

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