Morten Frisch

Morten Frisch


Morten Frisch, Consultant Physician, Epidemiologisk Forskning / Autoimmune sygdomme
T. +45 32683160 @.

Research Areas

My main areas of research are

  • Sexual health epidemiology with particular focus on the interplay between sexuality and general physical and mental health
  • Classic descriptive and analytical epidemiology on cancer and autoimmune diseases, notably HPV-associated cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel diseases and multiple sclerosis.

I am the PI of Project SEXUS, a large, prospective population-based cohort study aimed to shed light on the sexual health and well-being of the Danish population as well as on the poorly understood interplay between sexual health and ill-health on one side and general physical and mental health on the other.

Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Bahnsen MK, Frisch M.
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Bahnsen MK, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Andresen JB, Frisch M.
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List of total publications
 H-index 58 (2022) 

2012  Adj. Professor of Sexual Health Epidemiology, Aalborg University 
2002  DSc(Med), University of Copenhagen 
1999  Authorization to independently practice medicine 
1995  PhD, University of Copenhagen 
1989  MD, University of Copenhagen 

2006-  Consultant, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
2000-2005  Department Specialist, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
Visiting Scientist, Viral Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Maryland, USA 
1996-1998  Senior Investigator, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
1993-1995  Epidemiologist, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
1990-1993  Research Fellow, Danish Cancer Registry 
1989-1990   Registrar, Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen 

Professional Activities and Leadership Positions 
2018-  Member of specialist group regarding HTA (medicinsk teknologivurdering, MTV) of HPV vaccination of boys for the Danish National Board of Health 
2017-  PI, Project SEXUS (  
2017  Appointed specialist in Danish National Board of Health's campaign to increase 
uptake of HPV vaccination among girls (
2012  Chairman for Danish Medical Association’s Research Council for Prevention’s working group 
on ‘Sexuality and Health’ (
2012-  Medical consultant for the Danish Cancer Registry 
2011-16  Swedish Cancer Society, member of scientific evaluation committee PkF 
2005-  Member, Department Steering Committee, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI
2002-11  Senior investigator, case-control study of rheumatoid arthritis
1990-2008  PI, case-control studies of HPV-associated cancers (anal, penile, vulvovaginal) 

Prizes and Honours
2013 Research award of the Danish AIDS Foundation 
2012 Research award of the Professor, Fritz Kauffmann’s Memorial Foundation 
2002  Research award of the Thorvald Madsen Research Foundation 
2001  Research award of the Classenske Fideicommis’ Jubilee Foundation
1997  Research award of the Danish Cancer Society, Young Cancer Scientist of the Year