Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention

Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention


Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention


To prevent infectious diseases through surveillance of infectious diseases and vaccinationcoverage, scientific guidance on infection prevention and control,  and participation in outbreak detection and investigation.


  • Surveillance of infectious diseases and vaccination coverage. 
  • Disease outbreak detection and investigation. 
  • Scientific guidance to healthcare workers on prevention of infectious diseases, vaccinations, and hospital hygiene prevention and control. 
  • Guidance on prevention of infectious diseases on travel.
  • Communication on infectious diseases and prevention, outbreaks, and infection prevention and control at hospitals through the website and newsletters such as EPI-NEWS, CEI-NYT and INFLUENZA-NYT 
  • Education and supervision of under training for public health medicine, EPIET fellows, and masters of public health and ph.d. students
  • Research, documentation and development within the remits of the departments´ task.
  • International collaboration. National focal point for EWRS and IHR. The department contributes to the international surveillance of infectious diseases together with WHO and ECDC and participates in several European projects and programmes (EuroMOMO, VENICE, I-MOVE, ADVANCE, EU-EJP, EU-JAV etc.) 

Head of department

Tyra Grove Krause