Thomas Lindenstrøm

Thomas Lindenstrøm


Thomas Lindenstrøm , Infektionsimmunologi / TB Vaccine
T. +45 32688157 @.


My research is centered on the interactions between host and pathogen. As part of Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine Research, the main goal of my research is to develop a new and improved vaccine against infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). My focus is within basic and preclinical research in order to understand the mechanisms that lead to protective immunity to Mtb. This includes both natural immunity to infection with Mtb as well as prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination strategies that aim to mediate local protection within the lung.

Research areas:

  • T cell immunity and T cell memory
  • T cell migration during Mtb infection
  • Immune mediated protection vs. pathology of the lung
  • Animal models for evaluation of pre vs. post exposure vaccines


  • Internal and external research projects, including scientific project leader of NIH project: “Eliciting lung-localized CD4 T cell responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in preventive and post-exposure settings”
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity of BSL-3 laboratories


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