Rasmus Skaarup Mortensen

Rasmus Skaarup Mortensen


Rasmus Skaarup Mortensen , Afdeling for Infektionsimmunologi / TB Vaccine
T. +45 32688309 @. rjm@ssi.dk


Dr. Mortensen received his doctorate in immunology and vaccinology at University of Copenhagen and has a key interest in understanding the interplay between bacterial pathogens and the host. His research is focused on protective mechanisms of vaccine mediated immunity with the overall goal of developing novel vaccine concepts. This includes:

  • Discovery of novel vaccine targets and rational vaccine design
  • Immunological studies of T cell homing and functionality
  • Host-directed therapy and therapeutic vaccination
  • Optimization of vaccine immunogenicity using new adjuvants and alternative delivery forms

His expertise covers development activities from early discovery to testing and transitioning into clinical trials. Currently, the main focus of his research is to develop an improved next-generation tuberculosis vaccine.


  • Scientific project leader and head of the TB Vaccine Research unit
  • Transitioning of research projects into product development and clinical testing


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