Nina Dieu Nhien Tran Nguyen

Nina Dieu Nhien Tran Nguyen


Nina Dieu Nhien Tran Nguyen , Infektionsimmunologi / Klamydia Vaccine

Research areas

My research area is infectious disease immunology with a focus on developing a vaccine against Chlamydia. In particular, I work with understanding cell-mediated immunity to create an effective and protective immune response in the female genital tract with a vaccine.


  • Ph.d. student at the department of Infectious Disease Immunology / Chlamydia vaccine research

Selected publications

  • Nguyen, N.D.N.T., Olsen, A.W., Lorenzen, E. et al. Parenteral vaccination protects against transcervical infection with Chlamydia trachomatis and generate tissue-resident T cells post-challenge. npj Vaccines 5, 7 (2020)