Katharina Wørzner

Katharina Wørzner


Katharina Wørzner , Infektionsimmunologi / Adjuvans
@. kawo@ssi.dk

Research areas

My project is focused on the ability of adjuvants to stimulate specific parts of the immune system. Many modern vaccines consist of the protein from a pathogen, which we want the immune system to recognize. Often the protein in itself is not immunogenic enough to cause an immune reaction, which is why it can be combined with an adjuvant. Adjuvants can control and redirect the immune reaction to where it best amplifies the effect of the vaccine.

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system reacts toward the body’s own cells making it relevant to investigate if we can downregulate that part of the immune system by using a specific adjuvant. My project primarily focuses on the research, which can lead to a vaccine against rheumatoid arthritis.


  • PhD student in the Department of Infectious Disease Immunology / Vaccine Adjuvant Research

Selected publications

  • ST Schmidt, CL Olsen, H Franzyk, K Wørzner, KS Korsholm, T Rades, P Andersen, C Foged, D Christensen, “Comparison of Two Different PEGylation Strategies for the Liposomal Adjuvant CAF09: Towards Induction of CTL Responses Upon Subcutaneous Vaccine Administration.” European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 140 (2019): 29–39.