Kåre Mølbak

Kåre Mølbak


Kåre Mølbak, Executive Vice President, MD, DMSc, Direktionen / Epidemiologisk Infektionsberedskab
T. +45 32683157 @. krm@ssi.dk

Research area

My broad research interests falls within the epidemiology of infectious disease and public health, and includes methods of surveillance, the public health consequences of drug resistance, zoonotic infections, food borne infections and vaccinology

Prizes and honors

The Kauffmann Prize, 2001

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Executive vice-president and director of the Division of Infectious Diseases Preparedness at Statens Serum Institut. The Division consists of four Departments (navne på engelsk) and a secretariat for Data Integration- and Analysis. This secretariat is responsible for managing the national microbiology database MiBa and HAIBA for the surveillance of health care associated infections.

The division has about 250 employees.


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