Frank Follmann

Frank Follmann


Frank Follmann, Director, MSc, PhD, Infektionsimmunologi
T. +45 32688296 @.


My research is centered around the interaction between the immune system and the pathogen, with a focus to developing vaccines and diagnostics. This includes:

  • Immunological studies of naturally acquired immunity
  • Identification of B and T cell antigens
  • Vaccine design using gene technology to assemble components from bacteria or viruses
  • Research into new vaccine adjuvants (adjuvants) and alternative forms of vaccination

Specifically, the main goal of my research is to develop a Chlamydia vaccine. SSI has been working on a vaccine for 15 years and has recently conducted a clinical phase I trial with promising results.


  • Director of the Department of Infectious Disease Immunology
  • Scientific project leader of H2020 project TracVac (


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