Danish National Biobank

Danish National Biobank


Danish National Biobank
T. +45 5122 6605 @. mail@nationalbiobank.dk


  • Strengthen the Danish research infrastructure and thus the possibilities for Danish health research and international research collaboration.
  • Linkage between the many biological samples in the biobank and the information in the unique Danish records containing detailed information about the entire population.

It is one of the world's largest biobanks and a unique resource for the benefit of research on the causes of disease, their prevention and treatment.

The biobank

The biobank is based on the samples submitted to Statens Serum Institut either in the form of project samples from various external or internal research projects or in the form of routine tests. The material currently comprises several million samples of different kinds and the number is increasing continuously.

Biobank tasks

  • Sample reception, storage and retrieval
  • Biomarker and genetic analyses
  • Research in the applicability of the samples

The Coordinating Center

  • Receives researcher inquiries and requests
  • Advice on the handling and treatment of biological material as well as the use of the Danish Biobank Register and the biobank
  • Dissemination of the biobank's work and unique features

The Danish Biobank Register

  • A Danish biobank register with detailed information about which samples are available in the Danish health service and largest research biobanks including the samples in DNB.

Head of department

Anne-Marie Vangsted