New professor at Statens Serum Institut with focus on modes of transmission and epidemics

Steen Ethelberg from Statens Serum Institut's (SSI) department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention has been named professor at University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

Steen Ethelberg

The professorship has been established following an agreement between SSI and UCPH that secures a collaboration between the two institutions.

In connection with the naming, Steen Ethelberg has been affiliated with the Global Health Section at UCPH’s Department of Public Health.

The new professorship focuses on modes of transmission and epidemics within a group of diseases that are usually transmitted through foods, drinking water or directly from animals.

"With our research, we characterize the risks of contracting a range of diarrheal diseases. These diseases travel across borders and are usually a significantly bigger problem in low-income countries than they are in Denmark. Therefore, it makes great sense to view the diseases in an international perspective," says Professor Steen Ethelberg.

He continues: "In order to understand the causes of these diseases as well as how to prevent them in the best way possible, you would need to make use of an interdisciplinary approach and view them in a One Health or climate change perspective. As a researcher, I see opportunities for that in building bridges to the strong research environment at the Global Health Section at UCPH." 

Executive Vice President of SSI Kåre Mølbak congratulates the new professor:

"For any researcher, a professorship is an attractive opportunity to continue their career at SSI. Furthermore, the agreement strengthens the relationship between SSI and UCPH regarding strategic collaboration and in education of new researchers. The professorship necessitates extensive international research as well as expert judgment."

Steen Ethelberg


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