No 5 - 2018

New contents and publication frequency for EPI-NEWS
Updated advice on vaccination of children before travels

New contents and publication frequency for EPI-NEWS

In 2018, Statens Serum Institut will be launching its new website. The work is already in progress and we are looking forward to presenting the site later this year. In this connection it has been decided that, in future, the professional advice that has traditionally been provided via EPI-NEWS will instead be published on the website. This ensures, among others, that you will always find the most recent up-to-date advice when visiting a subject-specific part of the website.

The previously published issues of EPI-NEWS, which contain medical advice, will therefore be updated and added to the website.

Therefore, we will no longer need to keep a comprehensive archive of previous issues of EPI-NEWS, and the archive will therefore be reduced.

In future, news from the field of infectious diseases, outbreaks and vaccinations will be drivingthe content of EPI-NEWS. This means that if there is a need to provide current advice in connection with the description of the occurrence of a disease, EPI-NEWS will only describe in general terms the most important changes and then refer the reader to comprehensive medical advice provided at the SSI website.

This also means that, in future, EPI-NEWS will not necessarily be published on the same day of every week or even every week, but rather as needed and as news arise.

The Editorial Team hopes that EPI-NEWS subscribers will find the revised newsletter useful and that they will give the SSI’s new website a good reception when the site is launched in the course of 2018.

(The Editorial Team)

Updated advice on vaccination of children before travels

EPI-NEWS 6/11 about vaccination of children prior to stays in developing countries is a frequently used EPI-NEWS issue that provides medical advice. It is our impression that vaccination under the childhood vaccination programme and vaccination with the traditional travel vaccines are typically performed by either GPs or the specialised travel medicine clinics.

This may be expedient, but in principle all doctors may give vaccines (yellow fewer vaccine only with the Danish Health Authority’s permission), and all doctors must record all vaccinations they give in the DVR. The website therefore provides a full overview of vaccination for children prior to travels including both vaccinations given under the childhood vaccination programme and travel vaccinations.

(The Consultancy Team, Department of Infectious Epidemiology and Prevention)

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31 January 2018