GMP Certified Real-time PCR

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) offers services from our GMP certified Real-time PCR Laboratory.

What do we offer

  • GMP and ISO 17025 certified laboratory
  • Sensitive and specific real-time PCR analyses custom-made for your application e.g. human, animal, environmental or process control
  • High through-put detection through state of the art equipment and integrated it-solutions

Why should you choose us

  • Superior expertise in assay development. We know the tricks to make an assay work – from sampling, via sample pre-processing, nucleic acid extraction to real-time PCR design.
  • Quality control in highest focus. Data integrity is ensured through automation and data-trending. We use QA officers from SSI’s quality assurance department, who have many years of experience producing vaccines to customers around the globe.
  • Flexible and efficient - At any time, we can set up assays and analyse all kinds of sample types and targets.

GMP Technology Platforms

  • Hamilton STARlet pipetting robots
  • MagNA Pure 96 extraction robots
  • Stratagene MX3005P real-time PCR machines


Parasite tech logo

Parasite Technologies A/S produces a whipworm egg suspension for development into a pharmaceutical drug. The whipworm eggs are produced in minipigs and SSI confirms the absence of microbial pathogens in the pigs and the suspension by GMP certified PCR analyses.

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TATAA biocenter contributed to the highly cited MIQE guidelines and provides digital PCR service to our GMP Laboratory for correct determination of microbe concentration in control materials.

Who are we?

For over 100 years, Statens Serum Institut (SSI) has been performing diagnostics for the Danish population. The Department of Virus & Microbiological Special Diagnostics handles serious epidemics like SARS/MERS and Ebola, and performs more than 200 different analyses for human pathogenic microorganisms, spanning virus, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

A long history of ISO 17025 certification has assured continuous upgrades in quality control through DANAK inspections. Participation in external quality control programs and the use of WHO-standards ensures assays that have highest possible sensitivity and specificity.

The diagnostic methods used today includes a wide spectrum of molecular, immunological and cultivation techniques including big-data Technologies like Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray.


Claus Nielsen


Claus Nielsen, Director, MSc, PhD, Virus & Mikrobiologisk Specialdiagnostik
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