Gonorrhoea remains stable

The number of gonorrhea cases in Denmark has followed an increasing trend for a number of years, but has not increased since 2017. In 2018, a total of 3,251 gonorrhoea cases were recorded.

The number of gonorrhoea cases in Denmark remains stable. This is evident from the 2018 gonorrhoea figures from Statens Serum Institut (SSI).

A total of 3,251 gonorrhoea cases were recorded in Denmark in 2018, compared with 3,480 cases in 2017 and 3,259 cases in 2016.

Several of the affected persons accounted for more than one gonorrhoea case. Thus, 139 persons were recorded with two cases, 15 persons with three cases, two persons with four cases and one person with five cases.

A total of 2,015 (62%) of the cases were detected in men and 1,236 (38%) in women.

In all, 2,192 of the cases were notified with the statutory notification system for infectious diseases. Among the notified cases, 1,350 were men and 842 women. Among the male cases, 722 (53%) were notified as heterosexually infected and 579 (43%) as homosexually infected.

The most frequently occurring age group was 20-24 years, and the City of Copenhagen was the area where most cases occurred. The vast majority of the notified cases had become infected in Denmark.