Measles in Copenhagen

A 6-month-old child living in Copenhagen has tested positive for measles.

The child had not received the MMR vaccination due to young age. The child had not stayed abroad, and no source of infection has been established so far.

During the course of the disease prior to the diagnosis, the child spent time in a waiting room with other children and adults at the GP and at the Paediatric Reception (Børnemodtagelsen) at Hvidovre Hospital. The GP and Hvidovre Hospital in collaboration with the Danish Patient Safety Authority have ensured that patients who may have been exposed to infection have been informed of this.

Physicians in the Copenhagen area are encouraged to pay extra attention to the diagnosis in children and younger adults who present with measles symptoms. It is important that any person who is suspected of having measles avoids being in waiting rooms with other patients as measles is extremely infectious.

In case of definite exposure of non-immune persons, MMR vaccination may be given within three days or immunoglobulin injection within six days to prevent or lessen the effects of the disease.