Most of our datasets and reports are only made in Danish. However, we do produce a few reports in English. You will find the English reports and links to some of the Danish reports below. Most of the Danish reports and information are posted on a daily or weekly basis.

Graphic showing a map of Denmark, corona virus, a bar chart and a pie chart

We have collected some useful links in the subsections below to guide you to some of the English and Danish COVID-19-information. 

Omicron reports and other English reports

Most of our reports are only published in Danish. However, we do have some English publications. Below you will find a list of English publications. We will update this page regularly.

Omicron reports.

Scenarios for infections and new admissions caused by the Omicron variant. Report by the Expert Group for Mathematic Modelling.

The protocol of Variant-PCR-Test-5 (Standard Operating Procedure – SOP).

Description of the use of Variant-PCR-Test-5.

Other reports
Testing of SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen tests’ detection of variants (Delta and Omicron) (20th Jan. 2022).

Mink Cluster 5 – short report

EPI-news, which is a newsletter that presents information on surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases, including outbreaks, primarily to the medical profession.

Infection numbers in municipalities and parishes

Here you will find reports about COVID-19 infection numbers in municipalities and parishes. The reports are in Danish.

Vaccine break-through infections and vaccine efficiency

On this page, we publish reports about vaccine break-through infections and vaccine efficiency. The reports are in Danish.

You can also find data about infections on this dashboard, which is also in Danish.
See 'Dashboards about COVID-19' below for a Danish/English glossary.

Surveillance of COVID-19 in wastewater

Statens Serum Institut also publishes reports with data from national surveillance of COVID-19 in wastewater. The reports are in Danish.

Reports about PCR-tests

Response time for PCR-test results can be found here. The reports are in Danish.

We also publish reports about the number of PCR tests and statistics about the results. The reports are in Danish.

Dashboards about COVID-19

Statens Serum Institut has a number of dashboards, which contain data about COVID-19 in Denmark. The dashboards are updated daily. They are in Danish, but here you will find a glossary with some of the key expressions from the dashboards:

  • Aldersgruppe: Age group
  • Antigenprøver: Rapid antigen tests
  • Bekræftede tilfælde: Confirmed cases
  • CPR-nummer: Civil registration number
  • Dødsfald: Deaths
  • Forventet fuld effekt: Expected full effect
  • Gennembrudsinfektion: Vaccine breakthrough infection
  • Indlæggelser: Hospitalisations
  • Kommunalt: Municipally
  • Køn: Gender
  • Målgruppe: Target group
  • Påbegyndt vaccination: Started vaccination
  • PCR-prøver: PCR-tests
  • Positiv procent: Positive percent
  • Regionalt: Regional
  • Reinfektioner: Reinfections
  • Revaccination: Revaccination
  • Smittetryk: Reproduction rate.
  • Uvaccinerede: Unvaccinated
  • Vaccinestatus: Vaccine status

For citizens

Here you will find information in English about COVID-19 for citizens in Denmark:

Sundhedsstyrelsen (Danish Health Authority) has a webpage with information about COVID-19.

On you will also find information about COVID-19 in English.

The Danish Medicines Agency publishes information about the vaccines against COVID-19. The agency also has questions and answers about vaccines for children.

COVID-19 news

Most of our news is only published in Danish. However, sometimes we will publish news in English. The English news can be found here, and the Danish news about COVID-19 can be found here.

We also publish EPI-news in English. EPI-news is a newsletter, which presents information on surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases, including outbreaks, primarily to the medical profession.

For information about press contact, please visit this page.

Our COVID-19 dashboards visualise a wide range of data, e.g. confirmed cases, hospitalization, deaths, and vaccination. The dashboards are in Danish.

Dashboards for visualisation of Covid-19 data