Susan Svane Laursen

Susan Svane Laursen


Susan Svane Laursen , Testcenter Danmark / PCR-Laboratorie 2
T. +45 32685219 @.

Research area

I’m a biomedical laboratory technician at the Danish Center for Newborn Screening, Department of Congenital Disorders, where my work is focused around clinical metabolomics studies. We are mainly working on dried blood spots retrieved from the Danish National Biobank and the routine screening of newborns in DenmarkUsing targeted and untargeted LC-MS/MS metabolomics approaches we aim at discovering novel biomarkers for the screening of inborn diseases in neonates, as well as studying the correlation of prenatal and perinatal events on future health and disease.


My responsibilities include LC-MS/MS metabolomics method development for whole blood on filter paper and other sample materials, as well as instrument maintenance and setting up and running LC-MS/MS methods in the laboratory.