Philip Hassing Ronøe Carlsen

Philip Hassing Ronøe Carlsen


Philip Hassing Ronøe Carlsen , Infektionsimmunologi / Adjuvans

Research areas

Today most vaccines are administered with needle injections, which is a very invasive method for patients. Moreover, vaccines need to be kept at low temperatures at all times to maintain their function, which is energy consuming and difficult during transport. My research is focused on making the process of vaccination easier and more accessible by:

  • Studying the ability of so-called microcontainers (developed at the Technical University of Denmark) to deliver vaccines through the oral route

  • Testing different state-of-the-art liposome based delivery systems for vaccine antigens developed in-house, along with other potent oral adjuvants from external collaborators

  • Evaluate the function of vaccine formulations when undergoing lyophilization and other water removal processes


  • PhD student, Department of Infectious Disease Immunology / Adjuvant