Nadia Sara Jensen MacSween

Nadia Sara Jensen MacSween


Nadia Sara Jensen MacSween , Congenital Disorders

Research area

I am a laboratory technical staff member at the Department of Congenital Disorders, Danish Center for Neonatal Screening, where my work is focused on metabolomics. Our main focus is on neonatal dried blood spots from the routine screening of newborns in Denmark. We strive to develop high-resolution, fast mass spectrometry-based analytical methods suitable for the measurement of population size cohorts, using different untargeted LC-MS/MS metabolomics methods. Our group specializes in research and development of population-size mass spectrometry-based metabolomics approaches for predictive, personalized and preventive diagnostics in early life using the massive sample resource available from the Danish National Biobank.


My area of responsibility covers development of LC-MS/MS methods, troubleshooting and maintenance of instruments, planning laboratory work and preprocessing LC-MS/MS data.