Mia Torpdahl

Mia Torpdahl


Mia Torpdahl , Bakterier, parasitter og svampe / Tarmbakteriologisk laboratorium
T. +45 32683643 @. mtd@ssi.dk

Research area

Molecular microbiological research in relation to foodborne and zoonotic pathogenic bacteria. Especially, with focus on understanding the nature of outbreaks, genetic clusters, molecular epidemiology, trends and emergence of new clones. At present, mostly by the use of whole genome sequence based analyses for identification, characterization and AMR-prediction as well as studies on mechanisms involved in the spread of virulence- and antimicrobial resistance.


Link to ORCID: Mia Torpdahl


Head of Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Bacteria

  • enable laboratory-based surveillance and outbreak detection of foodborne bacteria in Denmark
  • development and implementation of molecular typing methods
  • antimicrobial resistance measurements in Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella and Campylobacter
  • new infrastructure following the shift to WGS
  • decisions on sequence areas to target for diagnostics and surveillance including antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes of importance
  • editor on Annual Report on Zoonoses in Denmark.


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