Kristin Skogstrand

Kristin Skogstrand


Kristin Skogstrand , Medfødte Sygdomme / Biomarkører, immunologi og antistoffer
T. +45 32683830 @.

Research area

Research within biomarkers for preterm delivery and/or pregnancy complications and subsequently damages in the child, as well as biomarkers for the development of different diseases, especially in the areas of psychiatric disorders. PI for CODIBINE (Correlations and Diagnoses for Biomarkers in Newborns), a research project that includes all preterm born newborns and mature controls born in Denmark in a 2-year period, where we investigate the relationship between biomarkers, preterm delivery and later damages in the child. More than 85 per reviewed papers in international journals.

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Manager of section for Biomarkers, Immunology and Antibodies, where we perform neonatal screening of all newborns in the country. PI for CODIBINE as well as responsible for the laboratory analyses for different research projects. We develop a lot of methods for laboratory analysis, either as a service against payment or as collaborators in different research projects. Specialized in multiplex immunoassays in all kind of matrixes and small volumes, especially dried blood spot samples. We also makes antibodies in the section for sale, and we develop new antibodies for customers.


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