David M. Hougaard

David M. Hougaard


David M. Hougaard, Head of, MD, D.Sc (med), consultant, Congenital Disorders
T. +45 32683544 @. dh@ssi.dk

Research area

Newborn screening based on analysis of dried blood spot samples taken a few days after birth. New screening algorithms and development of ultra-sensitive multianalyte assays. Population based association studies with newborn biomarkers (genetic and epigenetic variations, inflammatory and trophic cytokines, metabolites) focusing on causes for congenital disorders including metabolic disorders, developmental disorders, asthma, infections and neuropsychiatric disorders. 300 peer-reviewed publications in international journals.

Prizes and honors

Thorvald Madsen-prize, 1994. Thorvald Madsen Research Fund.

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Head of Department for Congenital Disorders and Danish Center for Neonatal Screening. Responsible for the newborn screening and for the Danish Newborn Screening Biobank. The activities in the department are equally divided between the screening of all newborns in Denmark for congenital disorders and research and development within this area. The department consists of 3 specialized laboratory sections, Newborn Genetics, Clinical Mass Spectrometry and Immunoassay. PI in several scientific projects, including iPSYCH a 9 year project supported by the Lundbeck Foundation.


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